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This page describes the JPFWiki itself: engine, available plugins and conventions. Since this is our primary source of documentation for JPF, the goal is to provide a Wiki with a strong hierarchical structure, controlled write access, and rich rendering capabilities.

JPFWiki is a community effort - everybody who is registered can edit it. However, we ask that you maintain a certain structure and layout, so that it looks consistent and is easy to navigate.

Wiki Engine and Template

JPFWiki is using the DokuWiki engine, which is file-based (i.e. does not require a database) and only requires PHP (>=4.3.10) to be installed on the server.

We have our own customized jpf template, which follows the standard DokuWiki scheme (see http://www.dokuwiki.org/Template), is based on Ricardo Govoni's Battlehorse template, and is located under …/JPFWiki/lib/tpl/jpf.

Installed Plugins

The standard JPFWiki installation on Sourceforge contains the following plugins

End User Plugins

meta - can be used to set “Dublin core” meta data for pages

note - support for in-page notes

discussion - bloggish' comments on pages

pagelist - table of pages

tag - tag pages

asciimath - ascii math wrapper for MathML. works only with browsers supporting this W3 standard (e.g. Firefox)

math2 - alternative PHP (server) - based math rendering using http://www.xm1math.net/phpmathpublisher/

SVG - renders inline SVG code, if you like to program your graphics

boxes - free form boxes on pages (see e.g. the start page “news” box)

indexmenu - Samuele Tognini's interactive, hierarchical menu (used for navigation in the side bar)

Admin Plugins

These are of less interest for general editing, since they need you to have admin rights:

pagemove - move and rename pages and namespaces (seems to have problems with media uploads)

backup - makes tars of data and media directories, useful to backup content and history


The basic DokuWiki syntax is described on: http://www.dokuwiki.org/syntax, which is also under the “wiki” section in the sidebar navigation menu.

JPFWiki should be hierarchical. We use a separate namespace for each section (e.g. this is the “about” section), and a special “start” page within each section (e.g. “intro:start”) that contains a brief introduction and a (possibly hierarchical) list of pages for this section. This list should show and explain the structure of the section, i.e. use one-line comments to describe the items.

Each page starts with a level 1 comment, and possibly a indexmenu sort index if you want this page to be listed in a certain position of the sidebar navigation menu:

====== This is the Page Title ======
===== this is a subtopic =====

Subtopics are starting down from level2 (”=====”). Keep in mind that we have page TOCs in the upper right if there are more than 3 subtopics. If you don't want this, you have to extend your page header with


Images have to be uploaded with the “Add images..” button during page edit (5th button from right in toolbar), which will pop up a dialog. Try to use PNG as image format.

There is no “delete page” button. Pages and namespaces get automatically deleted when you save empty contents.

Page- and namespace- renaming is a drag, so you want to give names some thoughts before you enter them. We don't use the “first topic == page name” mode, i.e. pages are named wherever you link them.

Please do not add new sections/namespaces without need. Instead, try to find one you can extend. Also try not to change the existing namespace/topic order, as users get familiar with it.


As a prerequisite, you need PHP and a web server to be installed (which is not described here). On top of that, DokuWiki installation is just a matter of copying the snapshot into a dir that is published by the server. The data lives in the …/JPFWiki/data directory (mostly data/pages and data/media, every namespace has it's own sub-directory. On a clean installation, both the data and conf dirs have to be ”chown -R www“ed to the server, or ”chmod -R 777“ed (not so good)

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