JPF is a pure Java application that requires Java 1.5 (but does not support all its standard libraries yet).

The only third party library used by JPF is:

which has to be in the CLASSPATH to build and run JPF (but can reside outside the JPF directory tree)

The following third party tools are used to build JPF:

  1. Ant, to manage dependencies and compile JPF sources
  2. JUnit, to run unit tests

For your convenience, we provide all required 3rd party components as part of the JPF distribution. Please note that these components contain unmodified, tested, but not necessarily up-to-date versions of these tools.

Scripts in bin/ and build-tools/bin/ require Unix-like shells (e.g. from Linux, Darwin, or Cygwin), but pure Java implementations are available from the install root as Run*.class. For more information, run them with Java passing no arguments.