License and Disclaimers


JPF was released under the NASA Open Source Agreement version 1.3 in April 2005. Please refer to the text included in this distribution for details.

Please also note that the FSF has some issues with this license in terms of code contribution, but those cannot be resolved in the context of JPF, or by the JPF team. At this point, we prefer to not threaten the availability of up-to-date JPF sources by a renewed license discussion inside of the agency.


Some parts of the JPF sources, like examples and extensions, might have their additional disclaimers. This currently includes:

jpfESAS (UML model checking example) - Please refer to the included README-ESAS file for details:

"DISCLAIMER - this file is part of the 'JPF UML' demonstration project. As such, it is only intended for demonstration purposes, does not contain or refer to actual NASA flight software, and is solely derived from publicly available information:"